Little Luxuries

  1. Preserved Floral Place Setting and Posy with Custom Name Tag
  1. Hand Quilled Cards
  1. Letter Press Cards
  1. Greek Postcard style Greeting Card
  1. Greek Urn Ceramic Magnets
  1. Milk Chocolate Freckle Heart
  1. Chocolate Truffle Giftbox
  1. Chocolate Coated Nuts
  1. Turkish Delight in Wooden Giftbox
    Sold Out
  1. Greek Chocolate Bars
  1. 'To My Bride / Groom / Mum / Dad / Parents-In-Law on my Wedding Day' Card
  1. 'Thank You for being a part of our Special Day' Card
  1. 'Will you be my Godparents / Godfather / Godmother' Card
  1. 'Will you be my Godfather / Godmother / Nouno / Nouna?' Scratch Off Card
  1. 'I can't say I do without you! / Plan with me, Stand with me, Cry with me, Laugh with me' Scratch Off Card
  1. 'Will you be my Bridesmaid?' Scratch Off Card
  1. 'Your going to be a Grandma / Grandpa / Aunty / Uncle!' Scratch Off Card
  1. Acrylic Christmas Tags in Greek
  1. Acrylic Christmas Tags in English